Sunday, May 28, 2017


First off, we get into our groups, get the map, then set off. Zoom! Firstmark done then the next… We go from place to place trying to find the hidden marks staring both ways. But wait, we came across Shane's team. He says “ Hey we found a hidden mark.” “Where is it?”  I asked. He said “Up, down, across, side to side, a bit of climbing, and jumping, slipping and sliding, you might find it then”. Finally we did. All the ups, downs,  going across, side to side, climbing,  jumping, slipping and sliding all paid off. 

“I got it! I got it!” I yelled. “Yes!!”. We zoomed back and leaped over the  finishing line. “Yahoo!” I yelled, finishing first. 

I realized the wet oozing water was slowly creeping into my shoes. I thought dry socks, dry socks as I strolled back to my cabin.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Discovering My Whakapapa

My Mum’s full name is Amanda Jane Williams. My full name is Olive Amanda Connolly and my brother’s full name is  Xavier Throes-To-Capua- Connolly. He was named after Xavier Rudd, my name was created by Pipi the seller man's girlfriend.

My mum was born in Rotorua on 22nd of April 1978. I was born in Christchurch Women's Hospital 2007. The 1st January is my birthday. Xavier was born in 2005 and his birthday is the 1st of December. My brother and I are Irish twins because we are one year apart. Mum has lived in Christchurch for 20 years. Dad has lived in Christchurch all his life. I have also lived in Christchurch all my life as has Xavier. 

My Grandmother is from Burma. We have a street named after my last name which is Connolly. This family name comes from my Papa Jerry. On my mum’s side of the family we have an All Black rugby player named Glen Osbourne from back in the old days.

I love all my family and they love me too. Mum and Dad work very hard to keep me warm at night, to keep me safe, to fill my tummy with good food, to get me to a good school and to put a roof over my head. They are lucky to have an amazing daughter that love them to pieces and for me, that they love me to pieces.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HallsWall Quary

On Thursday, we went to Hallwell Quary. This image tells me a lot about the Volcanics and the Volcanos that Robbie talked about. We learnt tons such as… People cut rock by hand, that they played poker to see who would take the first bath, that there are 4 main types of rock which are limestone and basalt rock and the others you'll find out reading this. He said that Banks Peninsula was created by Volcanoes that erupted. I learnt from searching up Banks Peninsula Herbert Peak is the highest point. Lyttelton was created first,  then Diamond harbour, then Akaroa, then the Port Hills and last Herbert Peak,  it took millions of years to become a used island. It was called Peninsula island but now it is called Banks Peninsula. The oldest rock igneous which has been in the world for 12 million years. Loess rock is the last rock they found. I found out that world wide in sea level beginning about 15,000 years ago. One MT is called Te Ahu Patiki being 920 meters high and it overlooks lyttelton harbour. James cook and his group of men found the Peninsula on 17th February 1770, Banks Peninsula is around the middle of the east coast of the south island on the margin of canterbury plains. In Banks Peninsula Volcanoes were active in less than half a million years ago. Large braided rivers pushed the Southern Alps to meet and connect to Banks Peninsula.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The No Good, Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day

One day a I woke up and stood on a Lego piece “Youch”  I yelled. Then I went to my mirror and looked at myself and saw a a a a PIMPLE! “This is just bad luck” I said to myself.  
As I walked downstairs I smelt POO.  I looked down behind me and saw fresh poo on the ground that I had just stood in. “Ok” I said  “This is not bad luck, this is going to be a no good, terrible, horrible, very bad day. 

Then when I looked in the fridge, I noticed the food was gone. Then I  jumped in the car and turned the key. As I did this I realised the car wouldn’t start. I knew this was going to be a no good, terrible, horrible, very bad day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Character named Gold

This is my unknown character. It is a man. His hair is 16cm, straight, it is nice and thin and the colour is brownish blackish. His body is square shaped, his size is normal like a human and his height is 5 foot. He wears comfy, ironed, normal clothes and most days he wears black, red and white. His face is big and square.  He wears a pair of glasses and one ring. He moves his head up then down like he is saying “Sup!” to a friend. Even his hair shines like a small polished table top. OMG! He has…bright, wheat-yellow skin with dark, bulging eyes.

He likes to smoke a pipe, he loves to play games and he is nice but greedy when it comes to food.  He lives under a hill and he loves to hangout in his art room. He knows he has a magical ring and if he puts it on he will turn invisible.  He plays lots of sports with his friend Crag.  Games such as … Two player tiggy, half court basketball.   He loves doing art. He picks up his smooth, silky brush, dips it into magical paint and waves his brush from side to side to create the perfect masterpiece. 

He loves to say “What are those?”  His voice is soft and gentle, he is normally happy and if he is not he would be excited about something. He has got an Irish accent, sometimes he is loud and sometimes he is quiet. He speaks with beautiful and perfect flowing words. 

He hangs out with Mr Crag, he makes him laugh, smile and feel happy. He lives under a hill and his house is warm and cozy because he only has 2 windows in the front, 1 in his art room, and a couple in the kitchen. His house has beautiful colours, lots of nice pictures and he has a special art room that he loves to pieces. He'll stay in there for hours and hours to create perfect masterpieces. He will not let anybody touch his art equipment, or do ANYTHING in his art room. He will only let true artists go in and  draw and work with the paint.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Travis Wetland

When I went to Travis Wetland me and my group traveled 4kms around the track. While we were doing this walk, I came across this lovely picture. I picked this picture because I thought it was beautiful, lovely, and it had a nice texture of colour because of the green then the dark white but also the big long beautiful trees in the background. The dark white is a bull rush plant.

Riccarton bush

When I was at Riccarton Bush we went on a walk to find trees that had the English name so we could write them down on the piece of paper that we had. I took this photo because you don't normally find trees that have vines on them and also it is just beautiful. When I took it I felt happy and amazed at how beautiful it was, that the birds we saw could make their lovely nests on it and sing sweet songs.